Neo’s Chain Stop Resins are short oil oxidizing alkyd developed for use in a wide range of vehicle refinishing fast air drying and stoving application. This resin can be used for making two pack application system. These resins are completely soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones and esters but partially soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon and alcohols. Solvent. They are compatible with all short oil alkyd some medium oil alkyd, long oil and amino resins. It is also compatible with isocyanate adduct.

  • Air drying ,bake and two –pack from a single base resin.
  • Excellent colour and colour retention.
  • Excellent gloss and gloss retention.
  • Good surface and through drying.
  • Good adhesion on metal surface.
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Product Grades:
  • NEOREZ 6151
product code suggested applications
NEOREZ - 6151 This is a ideal choice for industrial grade fast drying enamel and top coats. It is used for vehicle refinishes.
product code oil type / fatty acid oil length % solid +-2 solvent acid value koh/gm viscosity 30oC on 50% solid in mto by fc4 sec. COLOUR ON GARDNER SCALE 40% SOLUTION OF RESIN (MAX.)
NEOREZ - 6151 LINOLEIC 37 60 XYLENE / TOLUENE < 12 100-120 SEC. in Xylene < 7