Neo takes optimal care in offering products strictly as per specification declared in its circulated Technical Data Sheets(TDS). Customer are requested to refer TDS for information given and select appropriate products. All our product specifications are based on our knowledge and internal testing of the material. Every precaution is taken in the manufacture of the product and Neo's responsibility is limited to the quality of supplies with no guarantee of result in the field, as manufacturer has no control over site conditions or execution of work.

Our Warranty Clauses:

  • Neo assures product quality in Intact / unopened container till shelf period of product as declared in TDS.

  • Neo shall not be responsible for quality defects arising due to improper storing of products or products in opened condition.

  • However for product not meeting specs, NEO will take back material & give replacement subject to acceptance of complaint.

  • Product warranty is limited to actual product cost only and not on any other incidental damages / loss.

  • All product quality complaints should be lodged within 15 days of bill date from NEO.

  • Neo does not cover for any transit damages of product and customers are advised to cover the same by suitable insurance.

  • Any damages in transit shall be reported by Customer to the transporter and make mention of the same in the POD so that transporter can be charged for loss.


The details contained in this website are as a result of our experiments & experience and have been submitted in good faith. Because of the diversity of the material and substrates and the great number of possible application, which are out of our control, we cannot accept any responsibility for result obtained. In every case it is recommended to carry out preliminary experiments before actual use.

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