NEOFLOOR are tough, hard wearing, chemical and abrasion resistant coatings that helps the surface to last long without compromising any of the properties of the concrete floor. Based on solvent less two component Epoxy System, NEOFLOOR provides monolithic, smooth, non-porous, hygienic coating that is easy to clean and maintain. It is available in wide range of colours and has sufficient strength to withstand industrial traffic with nylon / rubber wheels. It offers improved performance while maintaining ease of application. NEOFLOOR is designed for all concrete surface (old/new).

  • Glossy, Satin / Matt finish in customized colours.
  • Solvent less & Odour free coating.
  • Excellent resistance to Chemicals & Abrasion.
  • Self levelling in nature.
  • Moisture tolerant & Non Staining.
  • Enhanced Adhesion.
  • Provides monolithic surface with added aesthetics.
  • Environmental Friendly.
  • Withstands traffic wear and tear.
  • User friendly & provides Ease of application.
  • Easy to clean and resists fungal and bacteria growth.
  • Excellent bonding to concrete (Old / New) & various other substrates like kota stones etc.

  • Clean the surface immediately if spillage of chemicals, solvents and water deposition.
  • Do not drag or drop objects and avoid excessive impact.
  • Do not use sharp objects, use trolleys with rubber / plastic wheels.
  • Do not perform any heating jobs on the floor surface or do "hot jobs" such as welding.
  • Use rubbers mats while doing tool works.
  • Use rubber-soled shoes that are clean from dirt & grime.
  • Clean with mild detergent and wash thoroughly with water.
  • Wipe floor dry and use floor after it is thoroughly dry.
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Application Areas:

Industrial Floors, Warehouse Floors, Automotive Showrooms, Bathrooms, Laboratories, Assembly & Production Areas, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Retail Facilities.

Method of Application:

Ensure that surfaces are clean free from loose dust particles, moisture, oil, grease, any previous coatings etc. A sound, clean and dry concrete substrate is absolutely essential in ensuring maximum bonding. New concrete surface must be a minimum of 28 days old, free from curing compounds and sealers, free from moisture vapour release and have a moisture content of less than 5%. Application temperature below 40oC & relative humidity less than 85% is recommended.


NEOFLOOR is supplied in 3 different pre-weighed packs (Base, Hardener, Aggregates). Mix Base and Hardener thoroughly and then add the aggregates slowly upon continuous stirring. Mix for 3 mins and apply before pot life. It is ideal to mix small quantity. Note that improper mixing may affect the appearance and performance.

Application Process:

Post preparation of surface apply Primer Coat using NEO FLOOR P. This gives better adhesion to intermediate coat and bonding to concrete surface. Follow it up with Screed Coat with NEO FLOOR S. The Screed coating provides good abrasion, impact resistance, high strength, heavy duty and good anti-skid base for flooring. Finish the coating process with Top Coat using NEOFLOOR SLT. The top coating offers excellent surface levelling and smooth attractive finish to the floor.

NEOFLOOR coatings are applied with a notched trowel to the required thickness for getting desired properties. The liquid coating is poured and spread evenly with a spreader. Then spread using a spike roller to ensure complete de aeration of the coating. Wear spike shoes during application. Stop rolling before 20 mins of pouring the material. Freshly applied coating must be protected from usage for at least 18 hrs. Pot life & Curing time will increase upon decrease in ambient temperature and vice versa.

Storage & Shelf Life:

Store in an air tight container, in dry conditions between 10oC to 30oC


All tools and equipment can be cleaned with NEO Thinner ET-509 immediately after use.