Epoxy Resins & HARDENER Systems


NEOPOXY RESIN & HARDENER systems are specially formulated product based on epoxy resins and amine based hardener. This product react by cross linking to form cured hard mass at room temperature. RESIN & HARDENER are to be mixed as per ratio suggested in data sheet and application to be completed within the pot life of the mixed product.

Features & Benefits:

 Air Drying type as such convenient.
 Has good electrical and mechanical properties.
 Exhibits high resistance to humidity.
 Exhibits high resistance to hot transformer oil.
 Good Flexibility.
 Excellent Chemical Resistance.

Storage & Shelf Life:

NEOPOXY Resin 901 is available in 200/230 kg & NEOPOXY HARDENER is available in 200/230 kg pack sizes. Shelf life – 1 year from date of manufacture in original sealed container at Room Temperature. Store in Cool and Dry place

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Product Grades:
Method of Application:

Ensure before application, wire windings are free from moisture and other impurities. NEOPOXY mixed compound can be applied by any suitable method like brushing / pouring / VPI. Suitable viscosity for application can be obtained by thinning with compatible thinner.

Application Areas:

NEOPOXY Resin 901 & HARDENER 91 system finds use in potting and encapsulation application in HV generators & transformers. Also finds application as a casting resin compound. Suitable for application as a binder resin for windings of transformer coils.

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