NEOVAR finishing varnishes are specially developed quick drying anti tracking varnishes based on synthetic resins. These products are generally used for giving glossy surface finish to electrical machines. These varnishes are mostly air drying in nature and they exhibit excellent moisture resistance. Such air drying varnishes are cost effective and durable. They are also user friendly as users need not posses any costly heating equipments. NEO VAR Finishing varnish is available in red & grey colours.

  • Air Drying type as such convenient.
  • Provides highly durable insulation.
  • Exhibits moisture resistance.
  • Quick Drying.
  • Provides Grey Shiny Surface Finish.
  • Excellent Tracking Resistance.
Packing, Storage & Shelf Life:

Shelf life – 1 year from date of manufacture in original sealed container at Room Temperature. Store in Cool and Dry place.

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Product Grades:
B-Class Finishing Varnish
Method of Application:

Ensure before application, surfaces are free from moisture and other impurities. NEOVAR RED/GREY can be applied by any suitable method like brushing / Spraying. Suitable viscosity for application can be obtained by thinning with compatible thinner.

Application Areas:

NEOVAR RED/GREY finds use for all kinds of motors, alternators, generators, fans, and transformers and chokes as finishing varnish.