Thinner for Varnish


NEOTHIN are specially formulated thinners for NEOVAR varnishes made of combination of various organic solvents. they are used for thinning the varnishes to adjust product viscosity to facilitate easy usage by end users. It is suggested that appropriate thinner according to nature of varnish be used. Normally the advisable dosage is in the ratio of 3 parts of varnish to one part of thinner.

Features & Benefits:

 Specially formulated Thinners for Insulating varnish.
 Good compatibility to NEOVAR varnishes.
 Acts fast as it is matched to respective varnish and does not affect end properties.

Storage & Shelf Life:

Shelf life – 1 year from date of manufacture in original sealed container at Room Temperature.

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Product Grades:
  • NEOTHIN 2000 - Thinner for all airdrying varnishes
  • NEOTHIN 5000 - Thinner for all baking varnishes
  • NEOTHIN 7000 - Thinner for H-Class Varnish

Method of Application:

It is suggested that for convenience of application viscosity adjustment with appropriate thinner as per recommendation dosage be done. Normally the advisable dosage is in the ratio of 3 parts of varnish to 1 part of thinner.

Application Areas:

NEOTHIN grades are used for thinning the NEOVAR varnishes for adjustment of viscosity by the customers to meet the requirement of end use.

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