Neo's CNSL resin is a specially developed Aldehyde-Reactive Plasticizer Resin based on Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Oil. This is insoluble in water but soluble in aromatic solvents. They are compatible with most of other synthetic resins. They find use for making of air drying and stoving dark shaded enamels, varnish for lamination purpose, primers, etc.

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Product Grades:
  • NEOREZ 7121
product code suggested applications
C.N.S.L RESIN NEOREZ - CNSL is recommended for use in dark colour shade enamels, primers and varnishes. Air drying cum stoving enamels.
product code oil type % solid +-2 solvent viscosity by FC4 @ 30oC colour
C.N.S.L RESIN C.N.S.L 70 MTO 150-200 AS SUCH Dark Brown

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