NEOTINT “Industrial Colorant” is an economical solvent based pigment concentrate formulated for inplant tinting, provides solution for instant shade matching of solvent based industrial coating which is compatible with all most all types of Alkyd resin for air drying system, Alkyd & Amino for stoving system. It is easy to handle, saves time of shade matching & meets all the performance requirements of paint as compared to co-grinding. It can be used in plants as well as at sites during application also. It is very much helpful to reduce the inventory because thousands of shades can be achieved from just 13 colors. It is the replacement of powder pigments, providing a dust free environment. It can be used in industrial coatings, stoving enamel, wood coatings, barrel enamels, and general maintenance coatings.


  • Economical, better usage of space & easy to use
  • Supply consistency, increases productivity
  • Saves space & money by reducing inventory
  • Reduces production time so faster delivery.
  • Easy to handle small orders
  • Helpful for automated paint production
  • No adverse effect on paint properties
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